Hi, I'm Rick Baran. I got interested in computers when my Dad and I built a Heathkit...yeah, that far back!

I'm a retired sailor, and I'm fixing up a few old computers.

My gem is my UniSys 325SL laptop computer. It's running DOS 5.2 with Windows 3.1 on top of that. Since it's screen is broken I'm using an LED monitor to see what I'm doing. I need a screen, a RAM cover, and a PCMCIA cover. I'm also hoping to acquire another battery(mine doesn't hold a charge), a docking station(it has an "expansion connector" on the back) and a correct charger/power-supply. My goal is to get it upgraded to DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.11.

I also have an IBM 330 desktop, an Amiga 1000, and an OQO2 that I'm trying to find original Windows for!

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