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Thread: Toshiba T4700 CT repair.

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    Default Toshiba T4700 CT repair.

    I had this laptop not used for years. Recently I tried to boot it, and no success. I got a black screen.It seems that error code (p30) is exactly like in this article:

    Now I need to find somebody who would be able to de solder that cap. I have no experience with this laptop, I don't even know how to open it. Did anyway tried to fix such issue and would be willing to help me?

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    I've got one of those in my project pile, and I never could figure out how to get it apart either.

    Mine booted the last time I tired it but the built-in screen only showed all white.

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    At least I'm not alone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niezgodka View Post
    ..., I don't even know how to open it.
    Quote Originally Posted by SomeGuy View Post
    I've got one of those in my project pile, and I never could figure out how to get it apart either.
    The maintenance manual for the T4700CT is at [here].
    The description of chapter 4 includes, "This section explains how to disassemble the T4700CS/T4700CT/T4800CT"

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    I did this with a T4600C. Fixing the specific capacitor fixed the P30 issue for me. In order to get to the PSU, follow the maintenance manual and document well, best with photos (I didn't...). I had to take almost the whole machine apart, which took a lot of patience and time. The soldering itself was not particularly hard.

    However, if I leave the machine connected to power, it will eventually (after some hours) turn on by itself. Pressing the power button won't do anything, the system can't be turned off unless I remove power again. Reconnecting power will turn on the computer instantly - if I let it sit a few hours without power, it won't turn on until a few hours have passed.

    This behaviour also appears in the docking station.

    Does anyone have an idea why this happens?

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    Looks like a nice project.

    I just wonder. It says, that computer works on battery fine, but problem is when you run it from PSU.
    So if I would mickey mouse the cables from psu to pins for battery, the computer would work?
    Can sombody confirm, and tell me how to connect it?

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