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Thread: Replacing Formatter HDD in a HP DesignJet T770/T1200

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    Default Replacing Formatter HDD in a HP DesignJet T770/T1200

    I have just come across this Thread:

    Has anyone successfully replaced the HDD in a HP DesignJet T770 or T1200 with a new one that was NOT supplied by HP?

    I have a T770 that does not boot up correctly and I have a strong feeling that the HDD may be dead. There is not too much to be found on this topic on the internet, but a lot of people say that the printer will only accept a new HDD if there is some HP firmware preinstalled. I tried to hook up the HDD to a computer to check it for errors and possibly make a disk image, but sadly the disk is password-protected. It is a 320GB SATA disk made by HGST.

    Thank you for any help on this!

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    Just for the case that anyone is googling this: I did not come up with a solution as it was decided to replace the unit anyway.

    Just some assumptions of mine: I think the disks are not password-protected when you get a new one but still there has to be a certain image on the disk. Otherwise the formatter will not accept it. After the first power-up the formatter takes some value from the main unit (probably the serial number), generates a password out of it and applies this ATA-password to the disk. (This also explains why you can exchange the formatter for a new or used one and still keep your old disk. Also you can not install a used formatter with the disk that is in it)

    Yes, I know this is probably not too useful, but I still hope that one day someone finds a solution to this one.


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