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Thread: Sick IBM WD 25 (20 Meg Drive)

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    Default Sick IBM WD 25 (20 Meg Drive)

    If you've been following my saga about Xebec cards over in the PC forum (here, you know its been a while to get everything together and yesterday was able to put in both 20 meg drives, low level formatted them, and then ran 5 iterations of the advanced diagnostics on both drives. No errors. I was feeling pretty good about it. I restarted, had AD park the drives, then I powered off the expansion unit with plans to put the cover back on (with key lock) today. I do that, fire it up, and now one of the two drives starts making this wonderful sound as you can see here. With that drive connected the computer reports 1701 error and doesn't allow diagnostics or parking on either drive. If I disconnect it, the other drive can have diagnostics run on it or park it.
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    Yikes, that doesn’t sound good. Almost sounds like it could be a head crash.

    Having a quick peek inside won’t hurt anything. These old drives aren’t very sensitive to dust.
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