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Thread: External Gotek on an IBM 5150 (original floppy controller)

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    Default External Gotek on an IBM 5150 (original floppy controller)

    I've been slowly loading the software I want onto my IBM 5150 but it's been a very painful process, up to this point, because I have two 360k floppy drives filling my bays and I really didn't want to change that. Consequently, the pattern I found myself in was opening the case to connect the Gotek every time I wanted to load some software. This became very tedious very quickly. After doing some googling I found what I would consider to be a workable solution:

    I didn't want to just have the raw Gotek sitting on my desk and I remembered that my first USB hard drive enclosure from college(circa 2001) had a removable 3.5" bay blocker in the front of it. This enclosure had been sitting on my shelf for years because it didn't work anymore, presumably because I had the wrong drivers. So, after a little tinkering, this is my solution:

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    Very nice! I may have to try this sometime.
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