Hello All,

I have recently purchased a Compaq SLT/286 from Sphock. The seller sent me a video of the computer attempting to boot, it currently has no OS or a faulty hard drive so sits with the “NON SYSYEM DISK OR DISK ERROR” however another things I noticed was a configuration message after the memory check “SYSTEM OPTIONS NOT SET, INSERT DIAGNOSTICS DISKETTE INTO A:” I understand that this message is raised when the CMOS battery goes flat, due to it been one of the infamous Dallas clock chips I know that I will have to do some slight modification to get this working.

The computers comes with no software and I wondered if anyone had or knew where I could get a disk image of the Compaq SLT/286 Diagnostic Diskette to write onto a floppy disk so that I can try to get this item back up and running?

Many Thanks,