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    Default D88 format converter...

    I keep running into the D88 floppy format and wanting to convert between it and raw images so I wrote a converter for it. I tried to follow all the specs I could find on the format, but some things are odd like whether the track pointer table should skip every other for single sided disks or not. I've seen D88 files done both ways. For that reason I removed the track pointer table validation from the tools, but they were not needed to convert the format from D88 to raw anyway. When converting from RAW to D88 and using a single sided disk, it will do the every other pointer method.

    There are a lot of reasons D88 to RAW conversion can fail. I've seen files with different sector sizes even in the same file. In this case the automatic detection will use the largest sector size and the smaller sectors will be padded. It will warn about duplicated or missing sectors.

    There is a DOS version (D88CONV) and a WIN32 version (D88CONVW).

    D88CONVW 1.00
    Free to use; no warranty or responsibility
    D88CONVW -raw_to_d88 -ftracks,sides,sectors,sectorsize|-fpx8|-fnec source dest
      The tracks*sides*sectors*sectorsize must match the raw filename size
      The -fpx8 option will specify the Epson PX-8 320K format -f40,2,16,256
      The -fnec option will specify the NEC PC-6001 140K format -f35,1,16,256
    D88CONVW -d88_to_raw [-ftracks,sides,sectors,sectorsize] [-pxx] source dest
      [-ftracks,sides,sectors,sectorsize] overrides what is found in the D88 file
        if sectors are larger than sectorsize, they will be truncated
        if sectors are outside of the valid range, they will be skipped
      [-pxx] pads unspecified sectors or data with this hex value (default E5)

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    You must give it a try to Simon Owen's SamDisk!, it supports out-of-the-box the D88->raw conversion. I cannot give too much details about it as I haven't tested this yet; but writing D88 and D77 of any type works fine so seems it manages this format without problems.

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    Thanks, I found that after writing this, but I have not had a chance to test it yet. I needed one that could convert both ways so I could take files to/from the PX-8 emulator which also allows me to mount ROM's and copy files off of ROM on to disk easily. I tried to write it so it could work with any D88 or RAW format however because I keep running into D88.

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    SamDisk supports both ways as it has D88 and raw formats available as input and output so you must definitely give it a try.

    Of course if you need something more specific there's nothing better that creating yourself that tool. For sure, if' it's D88 related I'm interested

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    I will have to try it out! Thanks for the tip!

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    It converted from D88 to RAW just fine, but I couldn't figure out how to get samdisk to go from raw to d88 and produce 256 byte sectors like the TF-15 uses. I tried the -z sector size code option, but it still produces 512 byte sectors.


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