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Thread: Toshiba T1200XE recovery

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    Question Toshiba T1200XE recovery

    I have a Toshiba T1200XE with the proprietary hard disk in it. It's dead, no obvious damage, no popped caps, good voltage off the adapter. I just want the data off of it, image the disk, it was from the early days of our company and nobody knows who's it was or whats on it, I'm doing a bit of recreational corporate archaeology. So I bought a working Toshiba T1200 off eBay, took me a while to get it to boot, it took an very old version of DOS. I can't find the specs on it's serial port either, the manual has amazingly detailed specs, motherboard block diagrams, but not the basics I want to know, unless I missed something. I've got the disk out of the Toshiba T1200XE, but not into the T1200 yet, I wanted to make sure and test some things before I did more.

    I'm hoping someone here will know:

    Will Trevor Gale's disk imager assembler code run properly on an 80C86 running DOS 2.11?

    What's the maximum speed of the serial port on the Toshiba T1200XE ?

    That proprietary JVC interface, it's the same across all the machines that used them, right?

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    The original 1200 is an 8086 with a 26-pin JVC hard drive. The 1200XE is a 286 machine that uses a standard 2.5” IDE hard drive. Hard drives are not going to swap between a 1200 and a 1200XE.

    You should be able to take the drive from the XE and hook it to a modern computer.
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