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Thread: Question about monitor pins

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    Default Question about monitor pins

    I'm a bit weak on the subject of monitors.

    I'm trying to fix this SWTPC terminal I have here. According to the diagrams I've got, the connector for the monitor has four pins used: VID, GND, Vert Sync, Horiz Sync.

    This is basically the setup an IBM 5151 monitor uses, right? Save for the intensity pin? Could I rig up my 5151 to connect to this as a diagnostic? I'm assuming I couldn't use a composite..

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    I suspect that the SWTPC uses a 15.7KHz horizontal 60 Hz veritcal scanning rate; the 5151 is 18KHz 50 Hz, so no, not quite right. It might work, given that the 5151 lacks a horizontal oscillator per se. You might be better off using the CGA monitor. Pick a color or combination.


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