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Thread: Tandy 6000 European version

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    Default Tandy 6000 European version

    Hi folks.

    I managed to find a rare beast : a Tandy 6000HD, European version. It boots fine from the 8" floppy, and I am now using a HxC to try various images. The HD seems dead for now.

    Now, the main issue I have is this : the screen is stable when the rom is displaying the boot error messages and/or early during boot (showing "64K memory" for example), but once the OS (LSDOS or TRSDOS) has booted, the screen wobbles. I believe that it's because the main frequency is 50Hz and not 60Hz.

    Anyone knows how to poke and/or hack something to quickly verify this ? Should just be writing a few values to the video controller...



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    It certainly sounds like the 50hz/60hz issue.

    These are the patches from the HERZ50 program in TRSDOS 2.0a.

    PATCH SYSRES/SYS:1 A=0082 F=3E1D C=3E18
    PATCH SYSRES/SYS:1 A=0668 F=19001818 C=1E02181B
    PATCH SYSRES/SYS:1 A=0E90 F=363D C=3636
    PATCH SYSRES/SYS:1 A=1160 F=361E C=3619
    PATCH FORMAT:1 A=2D01 F=363D C=3633

    I could try to patch a fresh image and send it to you unless one of the 50hz M2 owners here can provide a 50hz copy for you.

    I'm not sure about 50hz on Model II LS-DOS though. Hans should know more.

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    Thanks Pete, that did it on my 2.0a image, and hence confirms that my 6000 video has no issue


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    Congratulations on getting your 6000!


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