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Thread: ADVENTURE game for Tektronix 4051/4052/4054 and Tektronix 4051 Emulator

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    Default ADVENTURE game for Tektronix 4051/4052/4054 and Tektronix 4051 Emulator

    I finally got my port of JIM GERRIE's COLOSSAL16 for the Coco computer ported to my Tektronix 4054A.

    Actually - I had it ported and running on my 4054A with 64KB of RAM in December of 2018 - but the memory footprint was too large to run on the 4051 emulator in 32KB.

    I found the program today - as I was experimenting with my newly repaired 4907 Floppy Disk Manager - learning how to copy files from tape to floppy disk.

    There was an example program in the 4907 Operators Guide, and I picked a 22KB file on a random tape to copy to the floppy.

    I had no problem with the copy - but when I tried to "OLD" the file - it wouldn't load. Turns out an ASCII program file has to be APPENDED to a line in memory - when I did, I saw this was the ADVENTURE program I had been working on.

    Next step - see if I could modify the program to load and run on the 4051 web-based emulator created by Dave Roberts - see this vcfed thread:

    Here is the direct link to download the latest version of the 4051 emulator - download the zip file, unzip to a folder. Run the jsTektronix4051.html file with Chrome web-browser.

    My surgery to my original port was to begin deleting lines of program and data statements used to initialize the rooms and objects after that code had finished.

    32KB is so tight with a program this large, I had to do the deleting in stages - and finally think it is done.

    I've uploaded the ADVENTURE.txt program file to my Tektronix 4051/4052/4054 Program repository on github here:

    I also posted a screenshot in the Games/Screenshot folder:

    Hours of fun - don't cheat

    This port is a work in progress - if you don't have a real 4051/4052/4054 you won't be able to save your game - as it needs the tape drive.


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    I see that the inventory command is not working.

    Should have that fixed later today.

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    I think I have fixed the inventory bug, now working on game logic bugs - comparing to Gerrie's emulator.

    latest version that works on Emulator now uploaded to my Games/Adventure.txt file on github.

    Here is a screenshot with inventory - running on the latest 4051 emulator (note the added row of number keys with Tektronix shift functions):

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    For anyone using the 4051 emulator for the first time - this program really slows it down, both to initially load it and to initialize all the rooms and objects.

    There is an easy way to speed up the emulator 10x - to feel more like the 4052 and 4054 performance:
    - edit the mc6800.js file in the same folder as the jsTEKTRONIX4051.html file BEFORE you run the emulator. I suggest Notepad++ as the editor
    - change the divisor in line 64 from 408 to 40 and save the mc6800.js file

    Now when you launch the emulator - it will be MUCH faster
    It does make the keyboard a little more sensitive - so you might have more typing errors, but the performance improvement is worth it.

    I picked the divisor for the emulator based on my profile of the emulator performance against my late 1970's performance benchmarks on a 4051. You may need a different divisor anyway - as your PC speed is likely different than mine.

    To load the ADVENTURE.txt or other programs in the emulator:
    - select the Start button at the bottom of the emulator screen
    - select Choose File and select the program file
    - type OLD@1: (you can use the Tektronix keys for @1:, or PC keys per the github instructions)
    - type RUN

    - I have made it easier to rerun the program if you fall in a pit - just press the user definable key 1

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    I was mistaken - the Jim Gerrie Colossal.C10 program runs on the Tandy MC10 Micro Color Computer with up to 24KB of RAM and a 6809 CPU.

    The Colossal.C10 source program is only 15KB and 236 lines of BASIC, but that BASIC allowed multiple statements per line.

    My port to Tektronix 4051 BASIC is 23KB and 833 lines as Tektronix 4051 BASIC was limited to one statement per line.

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    Here is a link to the Tandy MC-10 Micro Color Computer web-based emulator:

    Select "COLOSSAL" from the list of cassettes and then type RUN on the screen.

    I'm still debugging my 4051 ADVENTURE port logic for the game - treasures, dwarf, etc


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