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Thread: How much are old computers worth to you?

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    Default How much are old computers worth to you?

    I wouldn't pay over $100 for any beige retro box minus the shipping cost, but that's just me. To me they are toys, I can play old games on them. Or they can be something I can use to run specific software I can't run well on an emulator or a modern PC. Or if they have a nice sound card, I can have fun with MIDI synth. How much do you think old computers are worth to you? Any era of computers applies.
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    I wouldn't pay $10 for a "PC" clone. Well, that's not entirely true. I need one to bootstrap a computer that normally boots from tape, but the tape doesn't work anymore. So until someday when I can write my own software, I need a clone with a real RS232 port and MS-DOS to keep that running. So that one I might pay $100 for if I have to again.

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    Depends on the computer, doesn't it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClassicHasClass View Post
    Depends on the computer, doesn't it?
    Yeah, I think the more accurate question is 'Whats the MAX you'd pay for any vintage computer'. For me, that number is about $100. I'm not counting some crazy thing like I stumbled across an Imsai or an original Apple 1 or something for crazy low price, but for realistic purchases. Both my Tandy 1000 SX and my backup Atari ST were each around $100. I felt guilty spending $100 on the Tandy even though it was a good price and a nice computer. The ST was only purchased to help me fix my childhood ST, and I justified that by telling myself I'd sell it again after. I never did because my childhood one was so flaky that I really need the backup one. Obviously I wouldn't spend $100 on a C64 or a TI99 or Timex 1000 or something like that, though. Everything else I have was significantly less or free.
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    Depends, there are a couple machines I still want that I would probably spend $100 on.

    Over the last 18 years I don't think I have spend more then $100ish on any one individual vintage item (and that was rare), but many thousands on machines and parts over that time in upgrades and cards.
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    I paid $300 for a Commodore pet 2001-8 from 1977. I do feel I over paid, but I really wanted that machine and I never see those come up for sale. Most things I try and get for the $50 to $75 mark. Commodore 64's I tell people to just give them to me as I wont pay at this point.

    But again these things don't really have any value. Its value is what its worth to you the buyer.


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