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Thread: IBM Eduquest

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    Default IBM Eduquest

    Anybody got one of these? I used to have an Eduquest in school and it was great!!! Love the look of these machines.

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    I got several after my school trashed them in the mid 90’s

    Most did not have the hard drive or caddy as they ran the library catalog and a dos text based encyclopedia off a big cd-rom array

    With the optional Mwave sound and a 540mb quantum fireball I was able to get duke 3d running fairly well on these 386slc-25mhz machines
    Sadly if too much started going on screen the game would crash and the HD would corrupt.
    Never could figure that out as they were rock solid otherwise

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    Nice to hear someone else had a fun experience with these. Do you still have any of yours that you'd be willing to sell?

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    I think my friend has one he's going to sell, I'll ask him. He got 4 from a school and I took one. I think he's keeping 2 and selling the last one. I love mine, it's getting a Kingston Turbochip soon

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    Sounds good, let me know!

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    FYI - I still am looking for one of these if anybody is willing to sell!

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