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Thread: Question about the wiring on a IBM 5251 terminal

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    Default Question about the wiring on a IBM 5251 terminal


    I recently bought a 5251 terminal - without the actual computer it will be mainly a "decoration" for my 5251 keyboard, but the screen works and displays a little bit in test mode. There I can adjust the brightness, but if I turn contrast, nothing happens (which isn't to bad, because contrast looks fine as it is).
    But while cleaning the inside I noticed that one end of a cable isn't attached and I'm wondering if this might be the one responsible for the contrast "problem".
    There is also a socket, which looks like a relatively obious point to attach the loose cable, but since I don't really know much about electronics, it would be great, if someone with a 5251 terminal could confirm if this is the right connection.

    The first picture shows the loose end of the cable (1) and the socket, which I think could be the right one (2).

    The second picture shows, where the other end of the cable is attached.

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    You're a good googler! Thank you.


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