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Thread: IMSAI 8080 "Clones"?

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    Question IMSAI 8080 "Clones"?

    Browsing around, I keep finding more and more "clones" (for lack of a better word) of the IMSAI 8080 -- machines with the exact same front panel, just different branding. So far I've found one from Gregory Electrics (which I've only seen on an auction), Cromemco (Z-1, which has a Z80 instead of an i8080), and just now from "Computer Mart" (which I can't find anything on yet, either), which prompted me to post this thread.

    The question is, how many "rebadged" IMSAI 8080s are out there? Does anyone know of any other brands/manufacturers that used this front panel? Were they on license from IMSAI/IMS? Did they sell blank/custom front panels? I'd love to learn more ^^

    (Images attached were found on eBay/google)


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    A little update -- this tweet/photo from John K shows another one branded "HMS". I guess that makes for 4 (5 if you include IMS themselves) using this chassis.


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