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Thread: Just around the corner... the Aug. 10-11 CommVEx

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    Default Just around the corner... the Aug. 10-11 CommVEx

    The Commodore Vegas Expo v15 is getting near! August 9 is our set-up day, and August 10-11 we have the show from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. $25 whether you stay one day or both days. It's in the Desert Wind Salon (next to the Bingo room!), third floor, of the Plaza Hotel, 1 Main Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Have an early look at the room --

    After 15 years of shows, this year's CommVEx takes an retrospective look with never-before-seen videos of engineer Jeri Ellsworth, scener Peter Hanson, vendor Jim Scabery, and CBM engineer Dave Haynie. But we also have live presentations and exhibits from Matt Brewster, Mario Luppi, and more!

    We have a PET 2001-8, Commodore 128, SX-64, and VIC-20 system in the raffle, and we have items such as Strikelink wi-fi modems for sale. Naturally, each CommVEx attendee will get freebies at the door and have a chance to win door prizes!

    For more information, go to

    or to the forum at

    Packing for CommVEx,
    Robert Bernardo
    organizer - Commodore Vegas Expo

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    I've been in Vegas for a few days now, preparing items for CommVEx. Set-up time begins tomorrow Friday at 2 p.m. in the third floor Desert Wind Salon of the Plaza Hotel. Set-up continues until we are done!

    Robert Bernardo
    organizer - Commodore Vegas Expo


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