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Thread: VCF West is this weekend!!!

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    Exclamation VCF West is this weekend!!!

    In case you somehow didn't know yet VCF West 2019 is indeed this weekend, August 3-4, as always at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

    This year's special attractions/speakers include:

    - The aforementioned Apple 1 gathering. Before we said there will be "at least" 10 original systems. Now it's looking like 12-15. Woz can't make it this year, but Dan Kottke and other very early employees will be there, along with Corey Cohen who is the go-to evaluator/restorer for the major auction houses.

    - A presentation about the Apollo Guidance Computer. Frank O'Brien (who literally wrote the book about AGC architecture/operation) and CHM restorer Carl Claunch will both be there.

    - Everyone's favorite Commodore engineer, Bil Herd, will give a lecture about the affects of age and heat on computer components.

    - What else? Enigma machines, more CHM restoration projects, three dozen amazing exhibits, our legendary VCF consignment sale, CHM museum tours, great food, and incredible company/friends!

    - Super-big-thanks to our sponsor Hackaday, and also to CHM for hosting us, ACM for advertising our events on social media, and "viewers like you" (so to speak) without which Vintage Computer Federation would have no purpose.

    - Tickets are available online and at the door.

    - See all of the details at
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    And I shall put in a shameless plug for my display. Come see a decent collection of early IBM PCs, starting with the 5150. What's more, come and experience a completely working dial up BBS that we will have at the show. Bring your own laptops and telnet in, or even a modem and we can give you a phone line to dial in on. It's going to be pretty cool!

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    As a co-exhibitor with Lutiana, I agree 100%.

    Space permitting (though I think we'll be OK) there will be some relatively period-ish correct telephones set up to to prove that it is, in fact, a fully functional (as Data from STTNG would say) telephone network. So if you encounter any issues with the BBS, your SysOps are only a phone call away.
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