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Thread: Source for IBM Thinkpad Schematics? (IBM Thinkpad 770E)

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    Default Source for IBM Thinkpad Schematics? (IBM Thinkpad 770E)

    I have an IBM Thinkpad 770E with some fried components on the DC-DC breakout board. The FRUs for this board are 10L0864 and 10L0890. It looks like there is some liquid damage & corrosion on the top left corner of the board, and some of the SMC capacitors look damaged. Is there a way to grab a schematic for this board so I can know the values of the damaged capacitors so that I may replace them?

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    I haven't seen any ThinkPad schematics. It would probably be easier to search for high resolution pictures of said FRU, and hope you could identify the components from those pictures. Or you could ask any owners of the machine to take a picture for you.

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    For ICs and components with identification that is a very good idea. With a lot of the small capacitors and inductors and stuff though I am unable tell what the specification should be. If a schematic repository is available, I'd love to know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by twillkickers View Post
    If a schematic repository is available, I'd love to know!
    We all would. But board schematics are a rare thing indeed. Probably only IBM certified repair techs would have them (and I'm doubtful even they would). Stuff like that is usually on a company's "top-secret" list...

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    I think you should ask in the specific Thinkpad communities, at least there are:

    Attached to these forums there are also Wikis in english and german

    Good luck! 770E is a nice one and valuable to be preserved.

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