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Thread: Mindset Font Pointer and BLT String not working as expected.

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    Default Mindset Font Pointer and BLT String not working as expected.

    This is a bit off the map, for sure.. but I am bending the ear of anyone who could help.

    I am trying to write new programs for the mindset, with examples available here:

    one of the examples is "font" where I am trying to use the built in font bitblt functionality to display custom font data:

    The way I set up the various structures is thus: <-- font struct <-- text struct

    This should produce a few characters on screen..somehow it isn't.. :/ what could I be doing wrong?

    (FWIW, there is a working Mindset emulator in MAME git)


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    I dont see any makefile in your stuff to check, are you doing -zp1 or #pragma pack(1) to pack your structs with openwatcom?

    seeing unsigned everywhere ugh... just include <stdint.h> and <inttypes.h> and use uint16_t/uint8_t etc for better portability.

    and really, you should maybe not do stuff like "unsigned seg;" its perfectly valid but very pre-ansi, personally hate pre-ansi k&r! just say 'unsigned int' if you need to do it that way or better.. uint16_t
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    I'll experiment with the struct packing options.

    As for the data types, I've spent the last year and a half porting my PLATO terminal program to over two dozen systems, with almost as many compilers and subtargets, so I've been in the mind of explicitly using lowest common denominator types. Not gonna change that to suit you, sorry.



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