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Thread: Hello, I am a Sun / Digital Fan

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    Default Hello, I am a Sun / Digital Fan

    Before you say they donít mix here is a little about me. ex software engineer, I have a few 90ís Sun Workstations, Dec terminals an a working DECpc

    I once worked on a system that had a DEC alpha server supplying movies on Demand, Network controller by a Sun Workstation, setup box built by acorn, network was Ericsson ATM. It was a prototype movies on demand, cable set top box system. It was 1997.

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    Welcome. Plenty of DEC/Sun folk here. Also check out #vc on I've a DECpc running OS/2 v3 as well as some Acorn systems.
    Thomas Byers (DRI)- "You'll have a million people using the A> [MS-DOS prompt] forever. You'll have five million using [nongraphic] menu systems such as Topview, Concurrent PC-DOS, Desq, and those types. But there'll be 50 to 100 million using the iconic-based interfaces."


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