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Thread: Custom AMD FX-8300 3.3GHz 8-Core PC 8GB DDR3 ECC 1TB SATA III HDD R5 220 Win8.1

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    Default Custom AMD FX-8300 3.3GHz 8-Core PC 8GB DDR3 ECC 1TB SATA III HDD R5 220 Win8.1

    Selling my main PC for an upgrade. It's a custom built AM3+ AMD FX based system. $500 OBO.

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    No offense, but you're not going to get ~$600 for that machine (shipping included.) It's at best worth $250.

    It looks like a bomb went off inside the case, it's dirty and fancy ECC memory adds no value because it has no purpose being in that computer. The inappropriate video card also is a demerit. It also has no upgrade path, an FX9370/9590 isn't an upgrade, it's a dumpster fire. It overheats with even a 240/360mm radiator under full load due to the insane 300W TDP.

    For ~$600, you can build a Ryzen 5 2400G system, which is 50% faster.

    If you cleaned it up, did proper cable management and wrote a better description of what exactly is in the machine, you may be able to get $300 for it.

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    The problem you have is that outside of the motherboard which is a high end AM3+ board people on ebay seem to still pay $100+ for the rest of the system is sub optimal crap.

    PSU has very little amp draw on the 12V line (2 17A or 18A lines if I recall correctly) so it won't drive the decent cards of the AMD FX era.
    The CPU you has is bottom barrel FX, people tend to like the FX8350's with 4Ghz base and very overclockable.
    The video card is bargain basement meant for HTPC or generic desktop use.
    Those systems have 2 memory channels so dual matching RAM is batter then single sticks, and 8MB is low at that. You can pick up new AMD only 16GB (2x DDR3 1600 for $33 on ebay and it is very overclockable.
    The heatsink looks huge (too big for that case) what brand is it? Most machines of that generation used the EVO 212 coolers that can still be found.

    It just looks like you slapped a bunch of left over parts together and expect prices for a well tricked out system.
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    Definitely not worth that much. I had a really clean fx-6350 system I upgraded from that barely got into the triple digits. It's just older tech, a new quad core will probably outrun it. And those FX series processors suck a lot of power

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    Computer is no longer available for sale. Planning on keeping it for school and/or a spare PC.


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