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Thread: Looking For Compaq Contura 3/25 Service Manual

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    Default Looking For Compaq Contura 3/25 Service Manual

    I've just picked up a Compaq Contura 3/25 laptop and I hoping to find the Service Manual for it so can anyone send me a (working) link to one as I can only seem to find dead links at the moment.

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    This looks like the Spec Sheet if you don't have it.

    Here is the Service Manual I believe you are looking for.

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    Thanks for the links - those are the ones I found earlier and they're not working for me. I'm at work at the moment so it must be the stupid web filter blocking them, normally you get a website blocked message but I get a time out message instead without the web filters logo on it so who knows what's going on.

    I'll give the links a go when I get home.
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