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Thread: YANG single board computer & 32k Memory

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    Default YANG single board computer & 32k Memory

    I picked up a very interesting Yang single board computer on ebay in a lovely briefcase complete with power supplies, with a unique S-100 32k static memory card which has a backup battery on board. I'm going to try that in my SOL-20. (If I outbid anyone on this forum I apologize)

    See attached photos. Fortunately it came with the manuals for both the computer and card. It was made in Laurel MD, around 1983/4.

    Clearly it was an educational tool for the Z80, but also it acts as a ROM emulator to assist software development. It has parallel and serial ports as well as a cassette tape interface and a monitor ROM programmed by Yang and on board RAM. I'm still studying it.

    Does anyone know about "YES" Yang Electronic Systems, Inc ? It looks to me that a lot of effort went into it and the design of the memory board looks really well thought out.
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