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Thread: Vintage Office Equipment, Cash Registers, Etc.

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    Default Vintage Office Equipment, Cash Registers, Etc.

    Sorry if this is the wrong section. I browsed the forums and determined this would probably be the best place to post this.

    I frequently buy or salvage old computers and equipment, and a few days ago I managed to score an old NCR cash register that believe could be from the 80's, or more probably early 90's and an old 90's/2000's Canon Printer. I don't plan to dissemble the printer, in fact I'd like to use it, but I have already begun to tear apart the NCR machine. I've noticed several different ICU, maybe a couple processors, several daughter/motherboards and a pretty cool (I assume) vac-tube-segment or led display (haven't really studied it in depth yet). My question is, are there any pieces I should look out for? Did these devices typically use run of the mill parts, like zilog, or mos chips? I've been brainstorming a pc clone/music project and it would cool if I can salvage most of the parts from this machine.

    Also, I find it difficult to find website that have decent info on old office machines, for example: I have an old Canon StarWriter that I'd look to learn more about, specs, retro computing, etc. but I've not really found any great websites. I'd love it if someone could post links to such sites.

    If the community desires, I could upload some photos of the device as I take it apart, in case someone has need for references and such.


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    Typically, there isn't much interest in the hobbyist community for old business equipment, such as copiers and printers. Sure, there are plenty of good parts in those, just not a lot of interest in them. I have an old credit-card terminal that uses a Z180 CPU, has a bunch of useful stuff in it--but you won't find anyone even scavenging them for the 15-segment VFD.

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    No, so common it is of no interest or value to anyone. Go back to the 60's and possibly the 70's and yes, worth a try on ebay.

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    There's a LOT of really boring cash registers out there, however once in a blue moon you might come across one of the advanced All-In-One POS systems where the till was both a regular till, plus the provider of the inventory database. I had one about 15 years ago now from either Burroughs or NCR. It was two drawers, it had an integrated printer/keypad and the clerk display was a medium resolution gas plasma screen and the pole display was another gas plasma screen. Along the back were V.35-looking connectors for various expansions for storage, communication and I/O.
    Use-wise they are also pretty useless but I would not mind getting another one just to add it to the collection.
    Office hardware is the same. I always keep a good printer or two because they can complete a system but there's also a lot of neat but still oddball hardware out there, like the Canon Canofile digital filing system. Scans just about any document into a digital format in stores them on MO cartridges. It's also really large.
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