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Thread: Dell Precision M50

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    Cool Dell Precision M50

    Finally found this laptop! I had been really wanting one of these since I fisrt found out of its existence, a little over a year ago.

    First, here's some pics:


    This is a Dell Precision M50. These are quite uncommon nowadays compared to its Latitude and Inspiron counterpart (the Latitude C840 and the Inspiron 8200).

    The main difference with the Precision M50 compared to C840/8200, is that this machine has an Nvidia Quadro 4 700GoGL (500GoGL on earlier revisions) graphics card. It also comes with the "UltraSharp" display standard. The UltraSharp is an improved version of the standard UXGA 1600 x 1200 display, with better contrast and viewing angle (it's an incredible display. It has better contrast than a lot of new displays I've seen). My Inspiron 8200 also has this display, but it was optional on that machine.

    The machine's specs are otherwise very similar to the 8200/C840; It has an Intel Pentium 4M (2GHz), and uses DDR ram (currently only has 512MB, but I plan to upgrade that).

    Here's a screen-shot I took of CPU-Z and display properties running:

    M50 specs.jpg

    I will say that the Nvidia Quadro graphics card creates a good bit of heat, but I can keep it down to a reasonable level by running i8kfangui on it. It's an incredible graphics system for this machine. no 3-D stuff I have tried so far has made it hitch-up even a little.

    This one I got appears to have been used very little. There's no dust inside of it, and no wear on the keyboard or trackpad.

    I also gotta say I love the look of this thing. It just screams "professional." It uses the exact same body as the Latitude C840.

    I plan to upgrade the memory to 2GB, put a wireless card in it, and also get a better hard drive for it (this one I have in here actually has some bad sectors, but it hasn't given me any issues so far).

    Currently, I've got a Windows 2000/XP dual-boot on this machine. This one actually has a Windows 2000 COA on the bottom. These were offered with both 2000 and XP. Shame there were no Windows 98 drivers for this. I'd love to see 98 on this thing. The only Pentium 4 Dell laptop I know of with official Windows 98 drivers is the Latitude C640 (aka the Inspiron 4150).

    There is another Precision that uses this body-style, and that is the Precision M40, which was Dell's first Precision laptop. The M40 is based on the Inspiron 8100, and has an Nvidia Quadro 2 graphics card, versus the Quadro 4 the M50 has. They aren't too common either, but I'll find one eventually.

    That's all for now. I'll probably add more to this later......
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    It is unfortunate about Windows 98, because the Latitude C640 has a complete compliment of Windows 98 drivers for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyonadmiral View Post
    It is unfortunate about Windows 98, because the Latitude C640 has a complete compliment of Windows 98 drivers for it.
    Yeah, it is kind of a shame. Thankfully, I also have an Inspiron 4150 now, which is the Inspiron equivalent of the Latitude C640, so I can run 98 on that.
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    I have a D830 that I got surplus from an old job about 8 years ago, which I keep around because it's got the 1920x1200 resolution screen, the problem with them is that the Nvidia chip would fry itself trying to drive that screen due to the poor ventilation. Lost two motherboards with the Nvidia graphics chip to that (in a highly ventilated and air conditioned area), but at least the intel chip motherboards still work with it.

    turns on, but even with the nvidia mobos it wasn't a speed machine no matter what processor you slapped into it.


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