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Thread: Anyone interested in a Tektronix (xp217) X11 terminal?

  1. Default Anyone interested in a Tektronix (xp217) X11 terminal?

    hi guys
    I have a Tektronix xp217 x11 terminal for sale. It's fully functional and it comes with its original media and PSU so it's also fully operational.

    Send me a PM.


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    it's currently located in Italy. Shipping within Europe zone1-5 is 18 Euro via UPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by legalize View Post
    Any chance you could archive the media?
    Buy it, and archive it. Otherwise, stop asking.

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    What a harsh reply

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    Quote Originally Posted by soviet9922 View Post
    What a harsh reply
    I am tired to hear the *SAME* question again and again and again! This is rude, and it's annoying. It was asked in public, then in private, and then again in public.

    I spent 500 euro on this software and I am not willing to give it for free. Besides, there is a legal agreement that clearly says that the CD cannot be sold either backup-ed if you do not own the hardware, and personally I am not willing to risk any legal consequence to make a favor to someone who I do not even know.

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    Two units, Two PSU, one media software: 250 euro + shipping.

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    If you are interested, then PM the OP, but due to this thread going south on us I am going to close it so as to avoid it spiraling out of control.

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