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Thread: P233 Full Tower - Planet Houston

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    Hello - 2nd time poster.

    This AT Full Tower needs a new home. P233 MMX w/ 128MB RAM, ATA-100 IDE card, two optical drives, Zip-100, AWE 32 Sound Blaster. I was watching cable TV on the built-in tuner card before Houston Comcast changed to all-digital programming...can't remember how long ago that was. POSTs. IDE HDDs currently removed for had a 6GB primary and a 75GB IBM Deskstar data drive. Win98 wouldn't launch properly when I tested it last (old).

    Not sure if there is any market for this item...looking for tips or suggestions re: getting it to a good home. This was my "going to college" computer - I built this case once in Fall 1996 with IIRC a P166; then I built it again with the current P233 MMX.


    BrianA in Houston


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    So...given that there are have been no Replies re: this "only 20 years old" clone, may I presume that there is "no enthusiast interest" for such an item (no matter how much Time/Love/1990 dollar$ were invested in it) ? And no matter how much steel is in the case ?

    No hard feelings of course BUT I am personally still having trouble accepting that some things that were formerly "really expensive" and "THE Most Important Thing" could now have "negative worth" (bring no net benefit against the cost to store/operate it) - however, that bitter pill is starting to go down far easier than before...

    BrianA in Houston

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    The wave of people feeling nostalgia for these machines just hasn't hit yet. Right now 486 stuff is popular again. A few years ago it was only 286/386 stuff. So maybe just add 30 years to the time it came out and see if people want it then.

    In all seriousness, try Craigslist. I'd be interested in this kind of thing if I weren't all the way up north. You might get more local traffic there. Houston is a big enough market.

    And maybe you can ride out the Computer Reset craze. Seems like the entire community of retro computing is fixated on that Dallas warehouse right now.

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    Those huge towers weigh a ton, so generally if they are not hard to find at the moment you are better off selling them locally.

    The older members here either collect older stuff or they have more P1's then they need. Newer members are probably put off by shipping even if they wanted it (unless you find somebody local).

    Don't feel bad I have posted some forsale stuff here and nobody replied.
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    I think its a cool piece and those towers were killer back in the day. If I had room I would make you an offer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reallywildstuff View Post
    And no matter how much steel is in the case?
    That is part of the problem -- the shipping for that computer would cost more than the computer is worth. $50 for the computer but $100 for shipping is hard for a lot of people to justify, especially since it's not a recognizable name brand or particularly historically relevant.

    Just because it means a lot to you doesn't mean it's worth a lot to others. But you should be able to sell it locally, where someone will be happy to get a deal and no shipping will be involved.
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    You would probably have better luck parting it out.

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    That would cost only $30 to $50 to ship via depending on the destination. I use that shipping broker service all the time. Extremely reasonable FedEx domestic rates through them on heavy items like that.

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    I think it’s hilarious when people think just because they put a lot of time and money into something, and have sentiment towards it, that it’s worth a ton and everyone should just be beating the door down to get it. From the looks of it, you couldn’t even take the time to wipe it down a little and pull all of those old stickers off of it to make it look a little nicer. It’s absolutely filthy.

    Now, you do have a nice system there, and there’s absolutely someone out there that would love to own it (given your asking price is reasonable). It would also help to get a general idea of what you want for it. I always avoid the “just make me an offer” stuff. In my opinion, if you have no clue what you want for it, you don’t want to sell it.
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