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Thread: Apple Network Server 700 PSU repair

  1. Default Apple Network Server 700 PSU repair

    Hello! I am in trouble repairing ANS 700 machine. I am looking for The Network Server 700 power interconnect system pinout which was available from AppleDeveloper Support. Do you have this paper? I want to start PSU manually, to check it and maybe fix it.

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    I don't know much about the ANS machines, but I know that on Power Macs of the era you can trace the power-on switch from the ADB port (since the keyboard momentarily shorts the "power on" pin to ground).

    That line will reach the power supply somewhere, and I'm willing to bet those are the pins you need to short to make the power supply come alive.

    Now that I'm mentioning it, though, I would assume there has to be some always-on standby power going from the wall into the PSU in order for this function to work at all.

    It also appears the ANS 700 came with dual power supplies, so the interconnect you mentioned could be way more complicated (and keyboard soft-power for a server seems faintly ridiculous to boot), in which case sorry for wasting your time.

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    ANS's are a lot smarter than Power Macintosh Power Supplies. One of my redundant units is aware when one shuts down and brings online the secondary supply immediately.
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    @seat safety switch: I'll try to trace ADB port keyboard. Yes, it's fainty ridiculous to start the server from the keyboard (but it's much better than shut down the server from the keyboard, say "hi" to Windows Server and these keyboards with power/sleep buttons right near the arrows — I don't remember what I did many many years ago in this case — threw away the keyboard or threw away the admin who connected a such keyboard to the server .

    @NeXT: if I understand right, you have some server with redundant power supplies. If this server is ANS 700, could you please tell, when "stand-by" power on (I mean, just connected a power cord to the case), does the led light inside the PSU turned on? You can see it from front side, maybe if remove front bottom cover from chassis (I don't have this cover at all so it's visible anyway).

    Because when I inserting the power cord, I can say for sure that the PSU got some power (because I got an electrical shock from area near large capacitors when turned off the power but does not uncharge it before touching). But the led does not have any light at all.

    Thank you!

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    Yeah, it's not a typical Power Mac PSU. I don't think it was Apple-developed but I don't know much about it (and I mostly have experience with the 500, which doesn't have failover redundancy).
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