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Thread: Launching TRS-80 games on floppy disks with SDLTRS emulator

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    Cool Launching TRS-80 games on floppy disks with SDLTRS emulator

    Hello everyone,

    I am a beginner & I can not launch games on TRS-80 model 1 ... the launch of the SDLTRS emulator I have this screen


    Then I put my game in the drive "Disk 0"


    I return to the menu & I type the command (I do not know if this order is accurate)
    DIR 0
    to access the player where the game is located but it does not work


    Can someone help me ? Thank you

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    If the image file contains a "self booting disk" just press the F10 key to restart the emulated machine.
    Executing a command for an operating system will not work in BASIC ...
    You should also checkout and ...

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    Someone to help me please ?!

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    Perhaps you should get a TRS80 manual?

    To use disks on the TRS80 you have to boot the machine from the disk.

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    Not sure SDLTRS emulates the TRS-80 Model I expansion. If you choose the Model 3, this should work if the disk image is good.

    You do have to reset the machine once the disk is inserted, as it has to boot DOS from the disk first.

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    Good evening & thank you for your answer !

    The game works well but it is necessary to place the image of the floppy disk in the drive 0 (Alt + D) and then press the key F10 for a reset & the game launches


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