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Thread: Two MicroVaxIIs free to good home

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    Exclamation Two MicroVaxIIs free to good home

    All -

    I have two Microvax II's in BA123 cabinets which I have to clean out. If I can't find someone to take them, they'll go to the dump.

    I'm located near the Jersey Shore. (Eatontown, NJ)
    If you are interested, please PM me.

    Mark Haas

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    PM Sent

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    Thanks to massiverobot for picking up the machines. They have been idle too long.

    There's more stuff in the basement, I may have more in the future for y'all

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    Thank you Mark for letting them go! I grabbed them early Sat morning and took them both down to Wall for the VCF August Repair Day at InfoAge. Both systems worked and for mine i'll be installing Ulrix on it using the MDM emulator from DavidG (who helped me at the repair day and sold me one of his MFM devices - Also many thanks to David for showing me what a Grant continuity card does Protip: don't take these out and leave them out...

    Image from the Repair Day on Sat at Info Age:


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