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Thread: Model III Tube out

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    Default Model III Tube out

    I have a III that was working quite well, but alas as all living things go, the crt died.
    No video but all seems well otherwise. Since I am not well versed with anything but the power supply
    repairs on these, I'm not sure what the usual places to check are. Is there a first place to look?
    I wish I knew as much as you all do.

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    Do you see the orange glow at the back of the CRT neck when powered on?
    Is the screen completely black even if you adjust the brightness and contrast pots?

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    The tubes themselves rarely give out. As they wear out the picture gets more and more blurry but usually they keep running.

    The same can't be said of the video board, which, like any electronic device which lives in a hot environment, components are prone to just die.

    If you have a 2nd video board try that first.
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    I agree 99% of the time, the video board attached to the upper case portion of the computer is the one that goes bad. another thing I have seen, is wires breaking away from the potentiometers and that will cause los of signal as well, I would inspect those as well.


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