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Thread: Rockwell RM 65 Family (AIM 65) Development system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwight Elvey View Post
    That was where I'd seen the RM65 FDC manual. It was apparently used with the AIM65 sometimes. I'd assume that they made an adapter to UBC or STD bus, from the AIM65, at sometime.
    I am hoping the enclosure has at least one multi-slot card cage for RM65 cards like the pictures posted at with the AIM65 expansion port being used to connect to the card cage. I downloaded these pictures and posted here because they are too large to link to.


    If you look closely at one of the pictures above I posted where the back of the enclosure is shown, you can see the expansion port connector for the AIM65 in that mess of ribbon cable.

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    I wonder if it was able to switch between AIM65 controlling the bus and RM65 controlling the bus. The one shown was used with the AIM65 only controlling.

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    Here are some pictures of my machine:
    The last picture is looking down into the rack. Notice that there are two long UCB strips. The large card strattles the two busses. The RAM card is 8Kb of high speed static RAM. 1112 shows the SBC and a serial card. The 1113 is two 32Kb DRAMs and a floppy disk card. 1114 a parallel I/O using 6822s.
    In 1114 you can see a board in the corner with LEDs and switches This goes to a parallel port of the SBC. All the cables shown go the the back panel. The front panel has a 24 and 28 pin zip but I have no board connected to them.
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