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Thread: ISA Video Floppy disk card for Canon?

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    Default ISA Video Floppy disk card for Canon?

    There was probably an ISA card, which was used to transfer pictures from Video Floppy Disk cameras like Canon RC-260.

    Do You known more about it? Is it better than just connecting to cheap Video grabber with Composite or S-video?

    Or maybe You known where to buy it, or just have one that You don't need and it's better to save it from trash?
    Thank You for answering - in advance

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    The Canon Video Disk was attached to computers through the FV-540. That is a SCSI device so a SCSI controller would be needed. A marketing brochure can be seen at though that focuses on Mac usage. Apparently, late models were shipped with Corel SCSI for use on PC clones but my copy of Corel SCSI does not show it as a supported drive so one may need the special Canon release.

    Where to find one? No idea. It was scarce even when Canon was making them.

    How good is your video grabber? A modern one should be better than what was incorporated in the FV-540.

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    Thank You for answering. If it's a rare floppy drive I am looking to buy it (probably not only me ), despite You may be 100% right that it worse.

    My USB video grabber is just usual cheap 5-9$ so called "ez-cap like", so nothing especially professional. But really technology made a giant leap, and now on cheap laptop from supermarket You can do more that on fully profesional Amiga 2000 with Video Toaster.

    BTW: For example Canon RC-260 camera maybe have something like "data" port on connecting power supply(near s-video, and composite), so maybe really there was a cable or card for it.

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