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Thread: UniFlex User Documentation?

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    Default UniFlex User Documentation?

    I'm building several of Bob's (Corsham Tech) SS50 setups. I actually have a 6800 (will run Flex), 6809 (will run NitrOS9) and a 6809 (will run UniFlex).

    I have the source code to UniFlex and I'm working out how to build the images (disks) from the source but I don't have a User Guide. Does anyone know of a user guide for UniFlex?

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    but it's only 12 pages so I don't know if it has the detail you're looking for


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    There is a documents.tar on the "The Missing 6809 UniFLEX Archive" page. Was there anything useful there?

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    I managed to find a Linux fuser source that is allowing me to read the uniflex dsk images. I'm working with an emulator and clean up as some of the uniflex winchester images disks. If I can get some of the the 'Missing' archive on the winchester image and assembled I can load up some more commands fix what missing (I can't find rm - ???).

    I'm still having some difficulty with things I expect to work (like > foo creating a file called foo). Background works but I don't think I have env variables. I might have a very simplistic shell on the image. BTW I am using the SWTPCmemulator for now.


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