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Thread: J5 on Compaq Prolinea(Extended) - spare battery?

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    Default J5 on Compaq Prolinea(Extended) - spare battery?

    Hi and thank You for answering in advance. Sorry for title it should be "Enhanced" instead of "Extended".

    I have a Compaq, probably:
    ProLinea (Enhanced) Desktop Family
    Computer: ProLinea 4/66
    System Board:
    Assembly 003760
    Spare Part

    As You probably guess - the CMOS battery don't want to work anymore. The old Compaq site(on shows that there is a replacement battery pack for it. Sadly there is no info where to connect it, and how to disconnect CMOS battery.

    Am I right that this is J5, near IDE and FLOPPY connector?

    Can I connect just something like this:

    Before connecting I have to cut off the CMOS on board?

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    There were several versions of the Prolinea 486/66 motherboard. Some used an NiCd Varta battery (just behind the keyboard connector), others used coin cells.

    Regardless, you want to remove any batteries from the motherboard; if they haven't leaked, they will eventually.

    All make some provision for external batteries; usually about 4.5V non-rechargeable. But you also need to move a jumper.

    I found this service manual. It may not match your board exactly.

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    Thank You for answering.

    Maybe I am wrong looking, but only undocumented pins on this board is J5.

    On this site: there is info about battery, but for replace "Clock/Battery * (4.5 V, 600 mA) 160274-001
    * When installing this clock battery spare kit, original battery must be disabled. See MSG or User Guide."

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    Sounds like it may be a rechargeable type if its specifying the battery capacity. try poking a multimeter across the two most outer pins while the machine is plugged in and see if you get a voltage reading on them.

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    I connected the multimeter to pin 1 of J5 and black to most outert of J5 and get between 0.0 to + 0.1 V.

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