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Thread: HP Apollo 735 Me2 Login

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    Default HP Apollo 735 Me2 Login

    Hi I recently got my family businesses HP 735 running but the password has been lost, I was wondering is there is a way to get around it or crack the password? I dont want to reset the computer and lose all of the files and the m30 software.

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    If you can mount the file system, you can reset the password manually (it is in /etc/shadow or /etc/passwd). That requires getting the hard drive to work in another system or to boot the machine from a separate medium (installer). You need either read access (to retrieve the password in order to decrypt it on another machine) or read/write access (to reset it).

    It might be possible to boot the machine in single-user mode, but that often requires the root password, so it won't help you. I am sure that sending EOF at the "login:" prompt won't get you into the machine. On Linux, you can add "init=/bin/sh" to the command line to drop directly into a root-shell after booting, I don't know if HP/UX has a similar function.

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    If the HP 735 is running HP-UX you should be able to boot into single-use mode by interrupting the initial power up sequence at the firmware prompt, and then doing this:

    boot pri isl

    and then at the ISL prompt:

    ISL> hpux -iS /stand/vmunix

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