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Thread: Thinkpad 380XD backup battery

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    Default Thinkpad 380XD backup battery

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know if the backup battery in the 380XD (little button cell with flying leads under the RAM cover) is just a primary lithium cell; or is it a rechargeable lithium cell?

    From the IBM maintenance manual it says 'do not recharge' which leads to me to believe it's just a primary cell; however they may have just stuck that in there to stop idiots connecting it to an external charger.

    Note: I know you can just a new battery off eBay; however I don't trust the quality of those units and I would rather construct my own using a decent cell.
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    It is a non-rechargeable lithium cell. It's either a CR2032 or CR2025 from what I remeber.
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    It's a CR2032 with tabs spot welded to it.
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