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Thread: Number Nine Revolution video card

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    Default Number Nine Revolution video card

    Not mine. I asked the guy what does he mean by "it works", but got no reply. There are 2 or 3 hard to find and/or pricey ic's, and the s/w isn't to be found uim. There is no onboard firmware. It's a real obscure weirdo of a card, but had a small following if you will back in the day:

    There are 3 versions of the card, varying in memory or whatever. I had been corresponding with someone on the list, as we both have one.

    The CRT controller is an NEC upd7220.

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    These were interesting, oddball cards. Rather than offer something more recognizable like 640x400, the early boards offered 512x480 resolution in 256 colors. If your card had more memory, it could produce 16-bit color but I'm unaware of the particulars (wikipedia claims "245,760 colors" but that doesn't make sense, it was more likely 2^18 which is 262,144 colors).
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