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Thread: Help with a Veridata Turbolite 110 Laptop

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    Question Help with a Veridata Turbolite 110 Laptop


    I got this Veridata Turbolite 110 laptop for cheap, but no power brick/charger was included. So, I'm trying to see which specs it had (like 9v or 12v) so I can try to fire this baby up.


    I've been searching for a week, and there's no docs of any kind online. I've found only a couple photos, so I know the power adapter is HUGE and what kind of connector it uses, but that's it.

    a8ef59d1-f4b0-4d1d-8eb8-7ede521b4a18 copy.jpg

    Hope someone can help me! Maybe someone has a working one, who can share the power adapter specs, please?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Usually there is a label on the bottom of the machine which describes the voltage for the power supply. I'm guessing that no such label exists on your machine?

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    Unfortunately that label doesn't give any power info.

    I've made some discoveries...

    I tried opening it to see if there was some sort of info inside. On the plastic latch it has an engraving that says "DC" and positive on center. Good! Two less questions answered.

    Now, the power supply circuit is made as a separate board, i disconnected it and right on the bottom of the power cable connector, there's a label that says "8v - 18v".

    WHAT!? There's a lot of room there. So, the DC power, is center positive, and somewhere between those values?

    Next logical step was to try to power it up with... something in the middle, 12v. Tried it and the power led just goes dim, green and yellow, and nothing else happens.

    I'm temped to try more voltage. But what if it burns?? :/

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