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Thread: New to me Rainbow 100A and VR201

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    Fellow Rainbow 100 enthusiast @Bavarese suggested trying the following commands to save the ROMs from DOS via DEBUG:

    C:\> DEBUG
    -N DEC.BIN (output file will be named DEC.BIN)
    -R BX (set BX=0000H/CX=6000H as count of bytes to write, 00006000H = 24K)
    BX 0000
    -R CX
    CX 0000
    -M FA00:0 6000 1000 (copy 24K from FA00:0 to offset 1000 in local segment)
    -W 1000 (write from offset 1000 in local segment)
    Writing 6000 bytes
    ------- end

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    Quote Originally Posted by DECtechGuy View Post
    At least you didn't blow a keyboard when I made an adapter for my Rainbow...
    Ugh I did the same thing with mine. Did you manage to repair the keyboard? I haven't even tried. I ended up buying another LK201-AA, and gave up making an adapter.


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