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Thread: New to me Rainbow 100A and VR201

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    Fellow Rainbow 100 enthusiast @Bavarese suggested trying the following commands to save the ROMs from DOS via DEBUG:

    C:\> DEBUG
    -N DEC.BIN (output file will be named DEC.BIN)
    -R BX (set BX=0000H/CX=6000H as count of bytes to write, 00006000H = 24K)
    BX 0000
    -R CX
    CX 0000
    -M FA00:0 6000 1000 (copy 24K from FA00:0 to offset 1000 in local segment)
    -W 1000 (write from offset 1000 in local segment)
    Writing 6000 bytes
    ------- end

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    Quote Originally Posted by DECtechGuy View Post
    At least you didn't blow a keyboard when I made an adapter for my Rainbow...
    Ugh I did the same thing with mine. Did you manage to repair the keyboard? I haven't even tried. I ended up buying another LK201-AA, and gave up making an adapter.

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    Nope, didn't feel like trying, but it's stored away. It was an LK401 though, but the pinout is the same as an LK201. I'd imagine both are the same in that they don't like it when the 12v and GND are swapped.
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