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Thread: compaq presario quick restore CDs

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    Default compaq presario quick restore CDs


    I have recently (finally!) acquired two old compaq presarios ... 2749.l2649 ... 2749.l2649

    and I was wondering whether someone maybe would have the Compaq Presario 4100 series or 8700 series quick restore CDs lying around to make me an ISO image of them or something like that?
    That'd be absolutely awesome! I'd even buy the ISOs if they where available somewhere but unfortunately I didn't find anything on the interwebs.


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    I have an older Presario 1800, do don't think that's going to help you.
    There are a lot of CD images here:
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    no unfortunately presario 1800 software isn't going to do much und neither of my models... i have searched and didn't find a suitable ISO

    thanks anyway.


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