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Thread: WTB: Kaypro 8-189 Gate Array chip

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    Default WTB: Kaypro 8-189 Gate Array chip

    So after going to two VCF workshops I finally figured out what's wrong with my Kaypro, the Kaypro 8-189 "custom gate array" chip has failed. Swapped it with another from a working Kaypro and bam, system works. I know it's a massive long shot given this is a custom Kaypro chip, but is it possible someone has a spare? I'll buy a whole bad Kaypro if I have to, this one I have is in really nice shape and I really want to restore it to functionality.

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    Humans built this computer and its circuitry. Where are they now? I guess the reason you never hear from people that worked in the electronics industry is because they do not see their work as anything more interesting than utilitarian waste meant to be thrown away after 2 years. It doesn't help that interest for old electronic devices is such a rare and niche thing.

    I wonder if the gate array could be preserved by melting the chip and documenting the die. It would cost thousands of dollars but once done new parts could theoretically be built.
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