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Thread: How to Read DVDs with Win XP

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    Of course it will, just like a new car will solve that leaky tire.

    Not that I doubt your diagnosis. I don't.

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    Well, looks like it might be the drive. I put the two discs in another machine (running Win XP 64 bit) and they read without issue. The two software differences between the machines would be the OS (Win XP 32 vs. Win XP 64) and I have turned off Autoplay on the 32 bit machine.

    So the problem drive works to read and write CDs, but somehow does not like DVDs.

    By the way, I only changed the region code once and I get a limit of 5. Since I have no desire to play movies on that PC, there is no reason to change it again.

    So just to be clear, games on DVD have no region code? I have been wondering about that.

    Thanks to all who replied.


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    DVD region code only applies to DVD-Video disks from MPAA companies


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