This is absolutely hysterical! Sort of an impulse buy, I order 2 Asus usb bluetooth 4.0 adapters. Abouy 6$ per all said and done, after rebate mind you. So I kind of don't remember to jump through all the hoops until the evening of the day the envelope is supposed to be postmarked. Damn. So I say what's the harm in the cost of a stamp. I register on the website, print out a horribly illegible rebate form, jam everything in the envelope, and drop it in the box the morning *after* the cutoff date. Then drive away and with solemnity contemplate all the sorrow and suffering going on in the world at that very moment. And that kind of sort of made me feel less ticked off. And nothing, absolutely nothing gets my goat more then screwing up a rebate. It's my money and I want it!

Alright so a week or so goes by and I receive this taunting little email stating they received my submission and they're looking it over, and will keep e abreast of their findings. Aww bless yer black greedy little hearts. Then a few hours later I get another email stating my rebate was approved!!! And in 8 - 10 weeks I'll get to stuff my fat face with Burger King just like I did today. And it's on them!! Beggorah, wot a country!

And do you want to know the strangest bit of all ... I sent it to the wrong address!!! I couldn't read the address on the rebate form, that printer is so mangled up, so I found *an* address with google that corresponded to some other Asus rebate. Wrong address, wrong state even! But I'm still getting it. I got the email, they.can't deny me now!

So it just goes to show it never hurts to try. You'll never know unless you try. Hot damn.