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Thread: nashida Radio products showing up on ebay

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    Quote Originally Posted by VERAULT View Post
    It only supports one image per sdcard? What about 32mb hard drive partitions, does it have that capability?
    No it only supports 5.25" floppy images.

    If you want a hard drive emulator I just started shipping my new hard drive emulator card with beta firmware that can be updated in system with a flashupdate utility.


    It supports prodos or gsos images as either a prodos block device or smartport. It can have eight simultaneous devices up to 32MB in size. Under gsos it can even mount large ISO images as a virtual drive.
    I'm selling them for US$50 plus $5 postage, the production firmware should be ready in about 6-8 weeks but the beta firmware is working pretty solid it just lacks a few minor features
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