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Thread: Announcing another TRS-80 Software project: Scott19!

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    Default Announcing another TRS-80 Software project: Scott19!

    Scott Adams game interpeter ported to the TRS-80.

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    A great loader but it appears to lack disk save/load functionality or perhaps I have missed something? Are there any plans to develop this loader further to incorporate this?

    Kind regards


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    Sorry, yes you noticed the missing save/load game. oops!

    I do plan to implement this. Some of the code is there already, it "saves" into a buffer so that you can restart, but i just need to add code to actually save to disk and load from disk to make the save/load work. Some of those bits are TRS-80 specific, but if i run into problems, there are a lot of knowlegeable people on this forum that hopefully help explain the disk IO stuff.

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    I'm playing with the MC10 version. My as1 didn't like the assembly, so I tried asl (some modification to asm) but I'm not sure what I need to do with tapeify. I'll give as1 another try.

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    what is the mc10? I've tested this on TRS-80 model 1, 3, 4 in emulator and on a real 4p.

    I think anything else, i'm going to need some help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steaminghacker View Post
    what is the mc10? I've tested this on TRS-80 model 1, 3, 4 in emulator and on a real 4p.

    I think anything else, i'm going to need some help!
    The MC10 is the Tandy (TRS80) Micro Color 10 Computer (based on the Motorola 6803). I've got it to assemble and I think I have it to tape image (.c10). I've found a few errors in the 6801 code. I've also played with the C (ncurses) code and it works. I'll post my changes to my fork and we can work on getting it all merged later. I don't have any TRS-80s other that he CoCos and MC10s. My only Z80 are Steve Ciarcia's boards (well z180).

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    Cool! I have aland.c10 running on the MC10 Javascript emulator. The file is roughly 13K in size.

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    I'm more than happy to include changes for the MC10 in the sourcecode. Is there a MC10 emulator?

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    Browser based MC10 (Javascript):

    My changes are mostly specific to assembling with the asl ( A S L ) assembler. I couldn't find the as1 ( A S 1 ) assembler. The one I found didn't like the comments. So I doubt I have the correct as1 assembler.

    Let me clean things up a bit, clean up the assemble and C compile scripts and I'll share them on my github page.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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    Just a quick update.

    I've added (somewhat primitive) save/load games;

    When you run, you're asked if you want to restore a previously saved game. Saying yes, trys to load "scott/sav:1" (sorry you can't enter a name yet).
    And when you "SAVE GAME", it will overwrite/create "scott/sav:1".

    Had a few problems getting this working. i'm definitely having a battle with DOS.

    If i leave interrupts disabled:

    * m4 works
    * save/load works
    * dos getline doesn't work => use my own

    if i enable interrups:

    * save/load works
    * getline works
    * m4 does't work.

    need more investigation!

    Currently interrups off.


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