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Thread: "Easter Egg" in C64?

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    Default "Easter Egg" in C64?

    A number of articles have mentioned an "Easter Egg" that Microsoft put into the Basic that Commodore picked up and released (with some mods) as V2.0. The command "WAIT 6502" is supposed to show a pop up display "MICROSOFT!", even though it cannot be located with a dis-assembler.

    However, my C64 just responds with "Syntax Error". Was the "Easter Egg" included in ALL the C64s made?

    Just curious, thanks.

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    The command is "WAIT6502,1" but I think this only works on PETs. I think Commodore removed it by the time the 64 was made.

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    Correct, not in the 64. The 128 has an unrelated Easter egg, though: sys32800,123,45,6
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    The ROMs of the C64 have been disassembled very thoroughly by various persons, including me. So far I haven't seen anything that looks like a Easter Egg.
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    Default Easter Egg - Thanks!

    Thanks to all for the good information! I was confused when I didn't find it!!

    Regards all,



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