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Thread: MicroVax II - New to Me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qbus View Post
    Are you going to be at Gilbert (MRCA) at the end of the month? I got a bunch of Vax that needs to find a new home. Including a BA23 case that’s all set up.
    Would have to pull out but think it’s got good 630 CPU and at least 4 M of RAM
    I had thought of converting it to a PDP-11/53 or 73 to play around with but too many projects.
    To me I always thought the Vax was something that was built around the concept of lots of terminals and a shared user environment and as much as I am just into primitive systems just don’t have the appeal to me. Also the Vax won’t support any of my favorite drives like the RX, RK or my favorite RL drives, people like me have small minds and can only deal with primitive operating systems like RT-11 so I will stick with the old 16 bit systems.
    What you got to trade?

    Ray F/KA3EKH
    Hi Ray. PM sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by w2hx View Post
    Hi Glen. I have those panels, just took them off for the pictures.

    I have them all. But thanks for the concern! I was wondering about that little limit switch/micro switch. I was wondering if it prevented the power supply from running. In which case I would have defeated it for testing.

    Great that you do have the outer skin panels and the Q-Bus slot door. That should make for a nice system. A BA123 box isn't easy to come by unless you are lucky to find one locally. Big enough that someone would really have to want one to pay to ship one.

    It shouldn't be too hard to get a matching KA630/MS630 or KA650/KA655/MS650 CPU and memory board set to get it up and running. It would be nice if at least one of the MFM hard drives worked too. Are they RD53 or RD54 drives?


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