I was wondering if there was any information on this Leading Edge laptop that I just got from the recycling center. This is a LEP-9123SX/16. A google search come up completely dry, and nothing on eBay. Almost like this computer doesn't exist. Also, the battery is connected to the DC in. I found the power adapter, but as a result I am not sure if the thing boots up at all since the battery is corroded. Literally the only thing that appears on a search is the battery itself. Does anybody have ANY information on this thing??

Also, in the same haul a Toshiba Satellite T1950CT that attempts to boot up, but fails after roughly 5 seconds. I can't figure out if it is the BIOS, motherboard, CMOS, corrosion or RAM.

I have to disassemble both of them to take a further look, but any help would be appreciated.

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